Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Kevin Manning

Age: If I tell it will be a lie.

Instrument: Singer

Band/Former Bands: Velvet Saints, The Griswalds, Dem Denim Demons, Room For Emotion, Primary Colors I prefer playing original music but the cover acoustic thing is fun every once in a while.

How long on instrument: I wanted to be the next Elvis so I started singing about age 2 Don't think I ever improved much but it is fun.

Equipment: Shure ULXP4 with Beta 87 wireless mic, Shure PSM600 in ear monitors.

Influences: Depeche Mode, David Bowie, NIN, New Order Very into the electronic bands

My first gig: Shreveport, Louisiana Sucked so bad, had to go look on the sign outside the next morning to make sure we didn't get fired

Hobbies: Coaching HS Basketball at Walden (although it is more of a job than hobby), working out, painting when the mood hits but I am not good at it.

Favorite movies: American Beauty, Blue Velvet, Despicable Me

Favorite food: Pizza (although dropped 40lbs over the last year so I have to limit that)

Favorite place: Near the beach I say when I get old I want to own a pizza place on the beach.

Favorite sports or team: Basketball, starting to enjoy watching volleyball because my daughter plays it.

What I'm listening to nowadays: 21 Pilots, Zedd, Depeche Mode (always) and whatever my daughter makes me listen to.

Coolest thing I've done: Done a lot of cool things but watching my daughter being born was the absolute best.

Most embarrassing moment: Well one that sticks out was when I was in 4th grade, I forgot my basketball shorts and the coach threatened to make me practice in my underwear Scarred me.

Bad Habits: Don't look people in the eye It is an insecure thing.

What was your first concert ever: Can't choose one; Gahan because he is in my favorite band; Bowie and Reznor because I think they are geniuses; They all were trend setters. Kenny Rogers, I was trying to impress a girl Even went out and bought cowboy boots The one and only time I wore cowboy boots.

Who do you love: My wife, Lana (My White Russian), my daughter, Alyssa and my friends.$$