Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Dale Donaldson Jr.

Name: Dale Donaldson Jr.

Age: 44 going on 24😁

Instrument: Guitar or at least I try!

Band/former bands : current band Lethean

How long on instrument: On and off for around 30 years. Received my first guitar when I was around 14 and with raising a family and being an over-the-road truck driver for 20 years it was tough to keep up with it. I have been playing adamantly for the past 7 or 8 years now.

Equipment: Jackson guitars, 5 to be exact! My Main two are a 2003 USA Jackson sl2h custom select and a 2007 Jackson Dk2m. The other 3 Jacksons are backups and I also have a USA Fender Strat for my "not so metal" moments. Lol. Mesa Boogie dual rec multi watt Laney 412 cab, celestion g12 loaded Pedal board consisting of a maxon od808, tc electronics flashback delay, isp decimator, sure wireless pedal. Simple but VERY effective!

Influences: That's a tough one - I have a lot of influences for various reasons but if I had to narrow it down I'd say the reason I play guitar today is my uncle JERRY GRAY and of course the guys I idolize like Randy Rhoades, Jake E Lee, Akira Takasaki, Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert just to name a few.

My first gig: That would be with my Eighties cover band Flashback in the Nineties at the Toy Tiger

Hobbies: Honestly it's cliche but playing guitar/music! It's just the truth! Lol! And when I'm not doing that it's guns and going to the range and spending time with my family. Getting old is tough so sitting on the couch is somewhere in there! Lol

Favorite movies: Well I'm a guy I guess so I like guy movies. All the Rocky movies, I can watch them over and over. 13 ghosts, the Die Hard movies and Point Break.

Favorite food: I'm a Kentucky implant, I grew up in the deep South with cajun ties so I love a lot of southern cooking. Almost anything fried with grease dripping off of it and seafood - LOVE seafood! Cajun style of course!

Favorite place: Again it's probably cliche but HOME and of course my sanctuary is the stage! Its the only place I wanna be other than home! I mean, I dream of the stage constantly!

Favorite sports or team: Well I'm not much of a sports guy I'm ashamed to say but if I do watch sports, if you consider it a sport, its MMA/UFC

What am I listening to nowadays: I'm a huge Killswitch Engage fan so I listen to them a ton and All that Remains, As I Lay Dying but lately i,ve found myself reaching back to my roots with the 80's metal alot! So I've been listening to a lot of Ozzy (jake e lee era), Savatage, Flotsam and Jetsam, Tesla...etc. and some Pink Floyd! Lol! I love Pink Floyd

Coolest thing I've done: I'd have to say just all the shows I've played, nationals and heros I've had the honor to open for! I sat and ate and watched soccer with Brian Fair (Shaddows Fall) when we opened for them at Diamond's! Probably the coolest guy I've had the chance to meet.

Most embarrassing moment: Hmmmm - there's been a few, lmao! Probably getting to drunk and forgetting my own songs on stage or when we opened for Adrenaline Mob and it was time to start, my wireless quit working. But the most embarrassing for me would have to be having my motorcycle accident and damn near ripping my arm off around a week before we were suppose to open for BATTLECROSS at Trixie's and having to drop off the show. That about killed me! Those guys were just amazing also I have to say!

Bad Habits: Well, smoking is my worst and just not practicing like I should and the one that everyone gives me grief about about is trading my gear! Lol! There's so much gear, guitars and amps I traded off that I wish I had back! Everyone that knows me rides me about that constantly! Lol

What was my first concert: That's easy - Lita Ford and Yngwie J.Malmsteen. Lita Ford signed my vinyl record and kissed me on the cheek and Yngwie was a asshole!

If I could meet a rockstar past or present: I'd have to say the great Randy Rhoades and Jake E Lee. I would also love to meet Jason Becker! Adam D and Joel would be awesome to hang out with if I could as well!

Who do I love : First and foremost my wife! The lady has put up with me for 22 years and never missed a show of mine! even though she doesn't care for metal, she's always front row and center cheering me on! My two daughters, my two grandchildren are my heart! My mom and dad have been a HUGE support system for me and my music. And hell, the entire Louisville music scene for the most part! It's definitely a great city to be a musician!